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Cibal Halal - Brazilian Islamic Center for Halal Food Stuff
Type : Established : 1979
Type : Agent
Address : Rua Tejupá, 188, Jabaquara, 04350-020, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Phone : +55-11-5035.0820, +55-11-5031.1536
Fax : +55-11-5031.6586

The Central Islamic Brazilian Halal Food Center (Halal) / Central Islâmica Brasileira de Alimentos Halal is the operational arm of the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil (Fambro) in the development and implementation of the Halal concept in Brazil. This system seeks to ensure the reliability and quality of Brazilian products to the Islamic world. The Cibal Halal dedicated to creating better ways to unite the obligation to monitor and ensure 100% halal products for Muslim consumers and assist in the sustainable growth of Brazilian industry in this enormous market.

The Cibal Halal operates in Brazil since 1979. Provides services and is recognized by Fambro in all Islamic countries and countries where Muslims are believers.

With the establishment of high standards of confidence of importers and consumers Muslims in Central Brazilian Islamic Halal Food Center (Halal) and the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil (Fambro), Brazilian industries gain access to huge markets, including guaranteeing huge marketing potential to reach one billion, eight hundred million consumers. Our recognition will generate export opportunities in this large market, which moves in the world each year, trillions of dollars.

Objectives :
-Developing the Concept and System Halal in Brazil.
-Ensure all consumer products lawful for Muslim consumption.
-Promoting the integration of the production chain (Halal).
-Strengthen and deepen the relationship between cultural and commercial industries in Brazil and the Islamic countries.
-Supervising and guiding the production chain, so that Islamic laws are complied with to the full implementation of the Halal system.
-Our goal is to help Brazil to become the largest supplier of Halal products industrialized in the world.